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Haaksbergen, 04.06.2013 - Brighter and vibrant colours, smaller deviations

Arturo is continuously improving its products. Therefore Arturo EP3900 Floor Coating and Arturo EP3910 Floor Coating anti-slip have an improved colour recipe. This makes it possible to produce brighter and vibrant colours. The deviations from the RAL colours are also smaller. 

In functional areas as warehouses, workshops and garages, the floor has a significant impact on the environment the people work in. It affects safety, productivity and creativity. Colour is thereby an important element.

Although smaller deviations it’s still not permitted to apply products from different batches on one floor because there might be slight colour differences.  The batch number of the product is stated on the packaging.

The adjustment of the colour recipe has no effect on the technical characteristics of the Arturo Floor Coatings. These remain wear-resistant, solvent-free, odourless, nonylphenol-free, easy-to-clean and provide good chemical resistance.

Discover all RAL colours. What a floor can do.

Arturo Colour Overview Floorcoating EP3900 and EP3910